Another Day, Another Travel Disaster

Darling Man and I are both university-educated professionals. We are organised, on-time and wise in the ways of the world. So we are baffled when things go wrong. And.

2 weeks ago

Have I Found The Secret To Happiness?

For the last two weeks I’ve been doing one little thing every day to acknowledge things that make me happy. And I’m very surprised to discover that this one.

1 month ago

Living In A Construction Village

One of the selling points of our new house was its isolation, all the way at the end of a cul-de-sac with no neighbours apart from empty blocks of.

1 month ago

Phabulous Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet is a fascinating place usually bypassed by visitors, who breeze through on their way to the resort town of Mui Ne 17 kms down the road. Mui.

2 months ago

Phan Thiet Pet Cafe, A Lizard Love Story

The night before Mothers Day, my girls weekend away sidekick fulfilled her wish to eat dong lizard. We were sitting at a little place overlooking the Ca Ty River,.

2 months ago

Seven Years A Dropout, An Anniversary Story

Seven years ago last week I was in the budget lockup, poring over the government’s financial statements alongside Australia’s top political and financial journalists. It was one of those.

2 months ago

Food File: Banh Da Cua Hai Phong (Crab Noodle Soup, Hai Phong-Style)

I am being bombarded with information about new Vietnamese dishes … and I’m in heaven. Well, most of the time I’m in heaven. It’s a bit hellish to have.

2 months ago

Food File: Cari Cua (Vietnamese Crab Curry)

Sometimes you stumble upon a dish so good that your powers of communication desert you. You’re left blurting out inane exclamations like “oh my God” and “this is so.

3 months ago