The Lunch Lady

The Lunch Lady presides over Ho Chi Minh City’s most famous street food eatery, a little stall under a tree in a back street near the Saigon River. Tourists.

12 hours ago

Everyday Adventures: Centipede Attack

My exotic dropout lifestyle is a pale shadow of its former self. I spend my nights lying in a darkened bedroom beside Miss M with the new baby swinging.

3 days ago

Food File: A Chow Down with Historic Links

The bright lights of Ho Chi Minh City’s, like those of big cities everywhere, draws people from around the country. They come seeking fame and fortune. But mostly fortune..

2 weeks ago

Hey, So We Are Alive

The baby is almost eight weeks old and we’ve been back in Vietnam for four weeks. So why no updates? Well, the baby, who began life as a sleeping.

3 weeks ago

It’s A Boy!

The wait is finally over, the baby is here! He arrived 10 minutes into the Year of the Horse, 31 (mostly boring) hours after being induced. He was born.

3 months ago

The Cross-Cultural Name Game

With less than three weeks before the baby’s due date, we still haven’t settled on a name. And that’s with names from two languages to choose from. The deal.

3 months ago

Reflections On Australia After 6 Years Away

Australia is a beautiful country, full of fabulous scenery, amazing animals and friendly people. I always knew this, even while I yearned to explore the rest of the world.

4 months ago

The Su Su Story

Cross-legged on a flat cushion on the floor of a hidden-away Sapa restaurant, Darling Man asked me if I’d like to try a special vegetable from northern Vietnam. It.

5 months ago