We’re Home, What’s Next?

We’ve been home in Ho Chi Minh City for two months but I still haven’t unpacked Big Blue, the rolly suitcase we lived out of during our 10-month world.

4 months ago

I Designed Some Hilarious Food Pun T-Shirts!

Regular readers of my blog know that I love food, puns and dad jokes. And I’ve figured out a way to combined these three of my favourite things ON.

9 months ago

World School Morocco: Living The Berber Life

A chunk of Moroccan flat bread lands on the table in front of me. Another chunk thunks down in front of each of my kids. Fayza, Mohamed’s wife, is.

12 months ago

An Unusual Holiday In Iceland

We’re taking a break from our usual programming today with a guest post from my awesome traveling friend, Jody E. I have been begging Jody for years to compile.

12 months ago

First Term of World School Done and Dusted

We’re back home in Vietnam, resting up after our first term of World School. We covered a lot of ground in three months. Seven countries, no less! It was.

1 year ago

An Unexpected Lesson in Loss

Bryony Freestone was young and beautiful, with a contagious smile. She was part of a team of six university students we met during our stay with Marine Conservation Cambodia..

1 year ago

Island Life in Cambodia

Every morning the power goes off at 5am. The cool breeze from the fan pointed at my bed stops, and I usually wake up. The 5pm to 5am power.

1 year ago

Ice, Unicorns and Many Levels of Hell

It has been an unbearably stinking-hot few weeks in Ho Chi Minh City. So I came up with a cunning plan to stay cool last weekend: a family day.

1 year ago