And Then A Shark Ate The Internet

The internet shark struck two days before my guidebook deadline, which had been extended twice because I had completely failed to grasp the enormity of the task I had.

3 weeks ago

My Baby is Five

Now how did that happen? Five years ago today, the day Shocking won the Melbourne Cup, Miss M arrived. There was a cast of thousands in the delivery room,.

3 months ago

Enjoying The Life

“Enjoying the life” is a Darling Man translation of a Vietnamese expression that I can no longer remember. It’s an expression I use a lot because I love the.

3 months ago

The Con Dao Buffalo Girl

On Vietnam’s beautiful Con Dao Island, a buffalo girl really does go round the outside. At least she does at the Six Senses Con Dao eco-lodge. Three mornings a.

4 months ago

Chivalry Is Not Dead … At The Ho Chi Minh City Flower Market

Something pokes my arm and I half-scream half-squawk and jump back. This is a wet market in Ho Chi Minh City. And there are rats, you know. (And I’m.

4 months ago

Turning Travel Pro

There’s an older Vietnamese guy speaking loudly to me as I bump along on a local bus. A hot and wiggly Miss M is squirming on my lap as.

4 months ago

Delicious Dalat

Dalat was chosen as as our summer holiday destination for one very simple reason: it’s not hot. I grew up in a very hot place, a dry and dusty.

5 months ago

Food File: Yoghurt Coffee

Yoghurt coffee has got to be the perfect breakfast: yoghurt for calcium and protein and those little probiotic thingies that look so cute when they jump up and down.

5 months ago