Summer Update

It’s been a while. I guess that’s normal when a Type A organises a bonding family holiday. I supposed it’s also normal for a Type A-organised multi-country bonding holiday.

2 weeks ago

Summer Series: Zaffron Kitchen in Singapore

Our go-to meetup point in Singapore is Zaffron Kitchen, an Indian restaurant in Katong that has a kid’s play area that’s as fab as the menu. We discovered it.

2 months ago

Summer Series: Tao Dan Park in Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon’s Parrot Club meets at Tao Dan Park’s bird cafe on Sundays at 9am. This discovery made us love Tao Dan Park even more. The highlight of the park.

2 months ago

Summer Series: Van Thanh Park in Ho Chi Minh City

Van Thanh Park is one of Ho Chi Minh City’s best-kept secrets. It’s one of several state-run “tourist parks” in Saigon, which all contain photogenic and nostalgic Ye Olde.

2 months ago

Summer Series: Ho Chi Minh City’s Independence Palace

School’s out in Ho Chi Minh City! That means my writing projects are on hold for the next two months. Instead of paid work, I’m going to be dragging.

2 months ago

The Ultimate Easy Rider Central Highlands Road Trip

There’s something about the open road and motorbikes. And there’s a little bit more something about motorbike touring in Vietnam’s lush and exotic Central Highlands. The Central Highlands encompasses.

4 months ago

Sunshine Coast Surprise Visit

As my sister’s due date came and went, my urge to go home intensified. She’d been pregnant for 17 years or so and I’d seen photos of her bump,.

4 months ago

Asia’s Tastiest Dumpling At Quan Ca Can

Meet Asia’s tastiest dumpling… It’s a hefty package of meat and quail eggs encased in a fluffy flour casing, a bundle that’s known in Vietnam as banh bao. This.

6 months ago