We’re Home, What’s Next?

We’ve been home in Ho Chi Minh City for two months but I still haven’t unpacked Big Blue, the rolly suitcase we lived out of during our 10-month world.

1 year ago

I Designed Some Hilarious Food Pun T-Shirts!

Regular readers of my blog know that I love food, puns and dad jokes. And I’ve figured out a way to combined these three of my favourite things ON.

2 years ago

World School Morocco: Living The Berber Life

A chunk of Moroccan flat bread lands on the table in front of me. Another chunk thunks down in front of each of my kids. Fayza, Mohamed’s wife, is.

2 years ago

An Unusual Holiday In Iceland

We’re taking a break from our usual programming today with a guest post from my awesome traveling friend, Jody E. I have been begging Jody for years to compile.

2 years ago

First Term of World School Done and Dusted

We’re back home in Vietnam, resting up after our first term of World School. We covered a lot of ground in three months. Seven countries, no less! It was.

2 years ago

An Unexpected Lesson in Loss

Bryony Freestone was young and beautiful, with a contagious smile. She was part of a team of six university students we met during our stay with Marine Conservation Cambodia..

2 years ago

Island Life in Cambodia

Every morning the power goes off at 5am. The cool breeze from the fan pointed at my bed stops, and I usually wake up. The 5pm to 5am power.

2 years ago

Ice, Unicorns and Many Levels of Hell

It has been an unbearably stinking-hot few weeks in Ho Chi Minh City. So I came up with a cunning plan to stay cool last weekend: a family day.

2 years ago