First Term of World School Done and Dusted

We’re back home in Vietnam, resting up after our first term of World School.

We covered a lot of ground in three months. Seven countries, no less! It was amazing but very tiring.

Granada Science Museum

At the Parque de las Ciencias in Granada, Spain

I did’t manage to update the blog while we were traveling. My days were filled with driving, planning, booking, shopping, cooking, cleaning and supervising two energetic little kids, as well as exploring amazing parts of the UK, France, Spain and Morocco. (We stopped over in Malaysia, Qatar and Singapore too, but we kinda slept through those countries. Jetlag with two little ones is tough.)

With my days too full to blog, I focused on Instagram. So if you want to follow our adventures in real(ish) time rather than wait for the delayed longform version, follow me on Instagram, or just check the little widget I installed on the right-hand sidebar of the blog. (It only shows up when you open a post, not on the home page).

Once a year for the past 500 years, each of the six Berber tribes meet in the village of Boulaaouane for a midnight dance-off. We walked 20 minutes down a pitch-black track to get to this year's event. The kids were only awake for the first two or three dances, but they loved it.

From my Instagram feed, a midnight dance-off in a Moroccan village.

We all learned a lot during our first term of World School, about the world and the amazing generosity of people. We also learned more about ourselves and the travel style that best suits this three-quarters of our family unit.

I’m going to start posting the highlights in reverse chronological order soon. (This seems easiest to me, because finishing the false starts I made early on in the trip seems so daunting).

Looking for fossils on the Isle of Wight in the UK

Looking for fossils on the Isle of Wight in the UK.

We didn’t do any formal schoolwork on the first leg of our year-long World School adventure. Instead we soaked up science and history in museums and in the cobblestone streets of centuries-old cities. We learned a lot about dinosaurs and fossils, churches and mosques, trains and buses, various world cuisines, and simple village life.

Walking with Donkey in Morocco

Taking a sweet little grey donkey (named Donkey) to the well in Morocco.

So guys, watch this space. Details of our big fat World School adventure are coming soon.

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