Abiella Stoddard and Corbin Stoddard

This is an online reference for Abiella Stoddard and Corbin Stoddard, who market themselves as the Stoddard Teaching Journey.

It was my misfortune to hire this couple to teach a homeschooling class in my home in Ho Chi Minh City in September 2017.

The teachers walked out after only seven weeks, after refusing to discuss safety and security issues with concerned parents.

Abiella and Corbin Stoddard are the most unprofessional, disrespectful and dysfunctional people I have ever met. I would highly recommend no one else ever enters into any kind of professional relationship with Corbin and Abiella — as employer, parent or co-worker. That would be the best way to avoid the drama and mental anguish that comes with dealing with them.

The Stoddards are attempting to build a home schooling cult around themselves. Do not be fooled by their self-promotion and the devotion of the parents that assisted the teachers’ petulant departure from my homeschooling class. Corbin and Abiella are not nice people, and I am very glad my children’s exposure to them was cut short by their walkout.

I will certainly do a better job of vetting employees and teachers after my experience with “Corbiella”, who were, unfortunately, recommended by a friend.