From Baby To Boy In 12 Quick Months

My sweet little baby boy, our surprise second child, is 1. His new crew-cut and walking skills make him seem more boy than baby, as does his emerging personality..

8 years ago

Hey, So We Are Alive

The baby is almost eight weeks old and we’ve been back in Vietnam for four weeks. So why no updates? Well, the baby, who began life as a sleeping.

9 years ago

It’s A Boy!

The wait is finally over, the baby is here! He arrived 10 minutes into the Year of the Horse, 31 (mostly boring) hours after being induced. He was born.

9 years ago

The Cross-Cultural Name Game

With less than three weeks before the baby’s due date, we still haven’t settled on a name. And that’s with names from two languages to choose from. The deal.

9 years ago

The First Day At School

Today was Miss M’s first day at school – a proper “big” school with a primary section for kids aged up to 11. If we lived in Australia in.

10 years ago

Everyday Expat Adventures: The Chocolate Crackle Episode

Vietnamese kitchen don’t have ovens. Our kitchen has a two-ring gas cooktop. Underneath is a cupboard where the gas bottle is stored. So when Miss M first became aware.

10 years ago

Still Rocking It (With Mid-Autumn Madness)

Miss M can no longer be called a baby. She is a month shy of three, with long straight legs and hair down to the middle of her back..

10 years ago

The Mi Quang Quest

Mi Quang is a noodle soup from central Vietnam, full of soft yellow noodles, prawn, pork, quail eggs, peanuts and shredded lettuce and herbs. It’s one of those dishes.

11 years ago