Food File: Moules Et Frites From France

Thrilled as I was to spot some street food in “my” new village of La Gavotte, just outside Marseille, I was less thrilled about the thought of eating streetside.

8 years ago

A Dream Distilled

(Flashback post*.) The backroads of Provence. Wildflowers. Blue skies, bright sun, a cool breeze in my face. This was my cycling dream. It was supposed be a month-long family.

9 years ago

Marseille By Baby Train

(Flashback post*.) I expected Marseilles to be a bit meh. And I wanted to hate France. The day before, just as we were heading off to Aix-en-Provence, I got.

9 years ago

Aix, The Perfect Place To Get Lost

Aix-en-Provence made me want to get lost. We’d navigated our way to Aix, changing buses in Marseilles. We’d found the tourist information office so we could get directions to.

9 years ago

The Price Of Amazing Provencal Views

(Flashback post*.) Amazing views often come at a cost. And the view from our free home exchange home in Provence was super-amazing. I could not stop staring at the.

9 years ago

Bonjour From France

Bonjour chers lecteurs (dear readers). Just a quick hello from Provence to ask for more patience. I usually think blog readers don’t need to know anything about the mechanics.

9 years ago

Bombed By Bureaucracy

Our family holiday plans are in tatters. Darling Man’s Schengen visa application was rejected. We don’t quite know what to do next. There was a note stuck to Darling.

9 years ago

Best Laid Plans …

As an Australian, I take it for granted that I can travel anywhere in the world that tickles my fancy. Sure, I might need to get a visa. But.

9 years ago