Food File: Moules Et Frites From France

Thrilled as I was to spot some street food in “my” new village of La Gavotte, just outside Marseille, I was less thrilled about the thought of eating streetside.

10 years ago

A Dream Distilled

(Flashback post*.) The backroads of Provence. Wildflowers. Blue skies, bright sun, a cool breeze in my face. This was my cycling dream. It was supposed be a month-long family.

11 years ago

Marseille By Baby Train

(Flashback post*.) I expected Marseilles to be a bit meh. And I wanted to hate France. The day before, just as we were heading off to Aix-en-Provence, I got.

11 years ago

Aix, The Perfect Place To Get Lost

Aix-en-Provence made me want to get lost. We’d navigated our way to Aix, changing buses in Marseilles. We’d found the tourist information office so we could get directions to.

11 years ago

The Price Of Amazing Provencal Views

(Flashback post*.) Amazing views often come at a cost. And the view from our free home exchange home in Provence was super-amazing. I could not stop staring at the.

11 years ago

Bonjour From France

Bonjour chers lecteurs (dear readers). Just a quick hello from Provence to ask for more patience. I usually think blog readers don’t need to know anything about the mechanics.

11 years ago

Bombed By Bureaucracy

Our family holiday plans are in tatters. Darling Man’s Schengen visa application was rejected. We don’t quite know what to do next. There was a note stuck to Darling.

11 years ago

Best Laid Plans …

As an Australian, I take it for granted that I can travel anywhere in the world that tickles my fancy. Sure, I might need to get a visa. But.

11 years ago