Food File: Thai Roast Chicken And Bamboo Sticky Rice

One of my favourite breakfast options in Chiang Mai is honey-roasted chicken and bamboo sticky rice. The sticky rice is cooked inside segments of bamboo and is slightly sweet..

11 years ago

Devolution Of A Trolley Dolly

When we boarded, the hostess was wearing a pout, sky-high heels, stockings, a short skirt and a tight jacket. She served us coffee and rolls from a cart she.

12 years ago

Leaving Chiang Mai

Our Chiang Mai experiment has ended. We have packed up our house and left Thailand’s “rose of the north”. Miss M and I are heading for France via Cairo..

12 years ago

Chiang Mai’s Best Street Food

Chiang Mai is street food heaven. During our six months in Thailand’s “most splendid city of culture” we ate very well. We discovered many Thai dishes we’d never heard.

12 years ago

Waterfights Are Fun

A squirt of water makes most people squeal. And after squealing, what else is there to do but laugh at your loss of dignity? And so Songkran, the Thai.

12 years ago

Monks In Makeup

Continuing our bittersweet farewell tour of Chiang Mai, we decided to hit some of recommended tourist hangouts in the old town. We found overpriced and underwhelming food in most.

12 years ago

Monk Initiation Ceremony

Our relationship with Chiang Mai has changed. We are no longer exploring this exotic city, known as Thailand’s “rose of the north”. We are saying goodbye. We are retracing.

12 years ago

Bombed By Bureaucracy

Our family holiday plans are in tatters. Darling Man’s Schengen visa application was rejected. We don’t quite know what to do next. There was a note stuck to Darling.

12 years ago