Proof of Life

It’s been a while, I know. Two years, in fact. In my defence, I had a lot on my plate! Through a quirk of fate and connections, in September.

5 years ago

I Designed Some Hilarious Food Pun T-Shirts!

Regular readers of my blog know that I love food, puns and dad jokes. And I’ve figured out a way to combined these three of my favourite things ON.

7 years ago

Ice, Unicorns and Many Levels of Hell

It has been an unbearably stinking-hot few weeks in Ho Chi Minh City. So I came up with a cunning plan to stay cool last weekend: a family day.

7 years ago

3D Photo Fun at Artinus in Ho Chi Minh City

Miss M’s school was unexpectedly shut for a couple of days this week. Luckily some of the parents organised a trip to a fun new activity centre in Ho.

8 years ago

The Many Faces of Pho

A steaming bowl of fragrant phở is thought to have almost magical properties, the ability to cure disease, soothe hangovers and restore the body’s balance. Vietnam’s unofficial national dish.

8 years ago

Vietnam: 100 Unusual Travel Tips

I can’t remember the exact moment I fell in love with Vietnam. It could have been on my first night in the country, before the cycling trip with my.

8 years ago

Tet 2016

Eight years ago a dishy stranger crashed my office Tet party, saving me from the drunken and lecherous advances of my boss. I never expected to see the guy.

8 years ago

Food File: Goi Cuon Cha Ca

One of Quy Nhon’s special dishes is bún cá, a noodle soup with fresh bun noodles and various types of fish sausage. Bún cá was on my list of.

8 years ago