Delicious Dalat

Dalat was chosen as as our summer holiday destination for one very simple reason: it’s not hot. I grew up in a very hot place, a dry and dusty.

7 years ago

Food File: Yoghurt Coffee

Yoghurt coffee has got to be the perfect breakfast: yoghurt for calcium and protein and those little probiotic thingies that look so cute when they jump up and down.

7 years ago

Food File: Banh Da Cua Hai Phong (Crab Noodle Soup, Hai Phong-Style)

I am being bombarded with information about new Vietnamese dishes … and I’m in heaven. Well, most of the time I’m in heaven. It’s a bit hellish to have.

7 years ago

Food File: Cari Cua (Vietnamese Crab Curry)

Sometimes you stumble upon a dish so good that your powers of communication desert you. You’re left blurting out inane exclamations like “oh my God” and “this is so.

7 years ago

Mr Dat’s Duck Tacos, A Fusion Street Food Find

The strangest circumstances can lead you to great new food finds. Last week, the owner of Saigon Tacos emailed us to recommend a street food joint for our tours,.

7 years ago

The Lunch Lady

The Lunch Lady presides over Ho Chi Minh City’s most famous street food eatery, a little stall under a tree in a back street near the Saigon River. Tourists.

7 years ago

Food File: A Chow Down with Historic Links

The bright lights of Ho Chi Minh City’s, like those of big cities everywhere, draws people from around the country. They come seeking fame and fortune. But mostly fortune..

7 years ago

Food File: Surprise Herbal Chicken Soup

A few months ago, when morning sickness was making me feel wretched, mainly in the afternoons and evenings, Darling Man decided to treat me to “medicine food” in the.

8 years ago