Sunshine Coast Surprise Visit

As my sister’s due date came and went, my urge to go home intensified. She’d been pregnant for 17 years or so and I’d seen photos of her bump,.

6 years ago

Reflections On Australia After 6 Years Away

Australia is a beautiful country, full of fabulous scenery, amazing animals and friendly people. I always knew this, even while I yearned to explore the rest of the world.

8 years ago

The Return Of The Prodigal Bag

Two days after my bag was declared officially lost by Tiger Airway’s underwriter, I got a call saying my bag had been found. What the XXXX, Tiger? Very late.

9 years ago

Tiger Airways’ Massive Customer Service Fail

It’s official. My luggage is lost. It’s only taken Tiger Airways 41 days to let me know. Given how frustratingly uncommunicative Tiger has been up until now, the email.

9 years ago

The Great Mums-Only Surfing Adventure

I had intended to arrive at the beach early so I could lean on the hood of my (mum’s) car and feel the sea breeze ruffle my hair. I.

9 years ago

The Great Koala-Cuddling Expedition (At Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary)

There’s a faded old photo of me, aged four, cuddling a koala at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane. It was my first excursion without my parents, who had.

9 years ago

The Great Piglet-Feeding Duck-Cuddling Sheep-Racing Expedition (At Trevena Glen Farm)

It was yet-another dreary wet day in Brisbane, capital of Australia’s sunshine state. The trees were dripping, the grass sodden, the birds unusually quiet. In the calm between the.

9 years ago

The Great Kangaroo-Spotting Expedition

“We need to see a kangaroo while we’re in Australia,” I told my mum when we arrived at her place on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. “Miss M is Australian and.

9 years ago