I’m a freelance writer, editor and street food obsessive based in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. I’ve been on a working holiday since 2007 when I realised climbing the corporate later was making me lonely and miserable, even though I was quite good at it.

Since ditching the rat race, I’m much happier and more carefree. I’ve picked up some unusual souvenirs over the years in the form of a lovely husband, known on the blog as Darling Man, two kids, some dogs, a hedgehog and a street food tour business, Saigon Street Eats.

Since co-authoring the latest Fodor’s Vietnam guidebook I’ve been focusing on food and travel writing for various publications. From time to time I also draw on my background as a finance journalist to do some corporate writing.

This year is also the year I really throw myself into street food research for a big project I’ve been talking about for years but never seem to have the time to finish.

Of course, when I sit and plot my future I always underestimate the amount of time I have to spend changing nappies, supervising homework and trying not to let the school bus lady catch me in my pyjamas.

Stay tuned for random updates about Vietnam, street food and our crazy life. You can also check out my author site here.

Crazy family portrait

Hmmm, not such a flattering shot. But fun!


I don’t use Darling Man’s real name here because I worry there might be repercussions for his extended family if I say the wrong thing here on this blog. The Vietnamese government can be a bit “sensitive” sometimes and I don’t want anyone suffering as result of an inadvertent faux pas.

Darling Man motorbike pose