Meet The Dropouts: Handsome Hairy Daniel Nahabedian

Meet Daniel Nahabedian, a one-time nine-to-fiver who dropped out of the rat race to chase his dream of being a photographer. He has long hair and a beard, confirming.

6 years ago

Meet The Dropouts: Di, The Globetrotting Gran

Meet Di, a 50-something palliative care nurse who retrained as an English language teacher and set off on some amazing adventures. Di is an inspiration for many reasons. Her.

7 years ago

Meet The Dropouts: Chris And Jill’s Mob

Meet Chris, a thirty-something rat race dropout who’s traveling around Asia with his wife and their five kids. These dropout parents are amazing for more than just traveling with.

7 years ago

Meet The Dropouts – Food Writer Robyn Eckhardt

For Robyn Eckhardt there was no “that’s it I’ve had it” moment, instead there was a slow realisation, shared with her husband, that they could build a more fulfilling life than the one they were living.

8 years ago

Meet The Dropouts – Locationless Jason Batansky

Meet Jason Batansky, a young webpreneur who seems to have fallen into my dream life — able to live and work anywhere in the world. Jason set up a.

8 years ago

Meet The Dropouts – Migration Mark Wiens

Meet Mark Wiens, a 25-year-old foodie who isn’t following the traditional school-university-career track that’s expected in most Western countries. Taken by his missionary parents to live in France and Africa when he was.

8 years ago