That Eureka Feeling (And A Life Coaching Session)

I first encountered the term lifestyle design in 2011 when I was living in Singapore, working as an editor at an international financial news wire service. It was a.

6 years ago

Have I Found The Secret To Happiness?

For the last two weeks I’ve been doing one little thing every day to acknowledge things that make me happy. And I’m very surprised to discover that this one.

6 years ago

Book Review: A Week In Hoi An

The ancient port town of Hoi An in central Vietnam is a beautiful place. At least, it is if you know how to see the beauty. (You may remember,.

7 years ago

My Brave New Life Anniversary

It’s a year since I walked away from my corporate job in Singapore with grand plans to become a location independent entrepreneur. And what a year it’s been. Not.

8 years ago

Meet The Dropouts: Di, The Globetrotting Gran

Meet Di, a 50-something palliative care nurse who retrained as an English language teacher and set off on some amazing adventures. Di is an inspiration for many reasons. Her.

8 years ago

Dropping Back In

I walk down a marble-floored corridor, the clonk of my heels sounding unfamiliar after nearly a year in flats. I felt very aware that I was standing up straight..

8 years ago

What Inspires The Inspiring People? (Part 2)

Many people have a dream that remains just a dream, never realised, just thought of wistfully from time to time. But there are some who have a dream that.

8 years ago

What Inspires The Inspiring People?

As part of the inaugural International Street Food Festival on The Dropout Diaries, I asked travel bloggers to share some things that inspired them. So as well as some.

8 years ago