Have I Found The Secret To Happiness?

For the last two weeks I’ve been doing one little thing every day to acknowledge things that make me happy. And I’m very surprised to discover that this one.

9 years ago

Still Rocking It (With Mid-Autumn Madness)

Miss M can no longer be called a baby. She is a month shy of three, with long straight legs and hair down to the middle of her back..

10 years ago


Darling Man is so laid back and easy-going I often forget about our different backgrounds. Until he tells me we’re due to go to a death anniversary party on.

11 years ago

The Truth About Solo Parenting And International Travel With A Toddler

Warning: very long post ahead. During five and a half weeks of traveling through France and Switzerland with my two-year-old and without my Darling Man, I learned a few.

11 years ago

Daycare Deja Vu

The day starts with free-range busy-ness. Everyone attends to what they think is important. The supervisers keep half an indulgent eye on the self-styled geniuses who are mostly happy.

11 years ago

Bum Conundrum

Chiang Mai’s wats are funny old places. Many of the riverfront wats have kayaks for hire. Most have an assortment of lounging cats and dogs. As you can see,.

11 years ago

Vietnam Week: An Ear-y Life

Ear cleaning is HUGE in Vietnam. So much so that some people, usually men, seek professional help to ensure their ears are clean. Most barber shops offer ear cleaning.

11 years ago

Vietnam Week: The Nosiest Question

Walk along any street anywhere in Vietnam and you’re bound to see someone picking their nose. When I first announced I was taking questions for Vietnam Week on my.

11 years ago