Review: First Aid Kit from Survival Emergency Solutions

Neither of my kids had any blood injuries until about six months ago. Since then there’s been several trips to emergency, always at night or on a Sunday. There’s.

8 years ago

Review: Tanei Guesthouse In Siem Reap

Our Cambodia trip was all about the ancient temples of Angkor Wat. I wanted to show Darling Man and Miss M one of the most amazing places I’d ever.

11 years ago

Review: Diamond Palace II Hotel In Phnom Penh

Just a short walk from Phnom Penh’s revamped riverfront area is the clean and quiet Diamond Palace II Hotel. We were hosted at this lovely little hotel for a.

11 years ago


Our stay in Chiang Mai is, sadly, drawing to a close and I am spending a lot of time researching our next adventure, our crazy budget tour of Europe..

12 years ago