The Mi Quang Quest

Mi Quang is a noodle soup from central Vietnam, full of soft yellow noodles, prawn, pork, quail eggs, peanuts and shredded lettuce and herbs. It’s one of those dishes.

2 years ago

Moon Cake Surprise

The mid-autumn festival is approaching and all over Vietnam moon cake stalls are springing up. We found this one when we stopped for petrol at the weekend. Darling Man.

3 years ago


Darling Man is so laid back and easy-going I often forget about our different backgrounds. Until he tells me we’re due to go to a death anniversary party on.

3 years ago

Paddling Like Mad

It’s been quiet on the dropout front. The radio silence is mostly because I’ve been in shock at losing the remote part-time job that’s funded the past nine months.

3 years ago

The Adventures Of Horse

Horse has come a long way since he was churned out of an anonymous factory in China and shipped to Germany. It was in Germany that Horse’s quirky but.

3 years ago

Food File: Bun Thit Nuong

We are slowly exploring our new neighbourhood in Ho Chi Minh City and our exploration, naturally, focuses on food. I was thrilled to discover our local market has a.

3 years ago

The Great Wasabi Oyster Duel

When I challenged Sally from Unbrave Girl to a wasabi oyster duel in a seafood shack in Vung Tau, I didn’t let on that it was going to be.

3 years ago

The Phuc Dat Culture Shock Cure

The cure for culture shock appears to be a witch’s brew involving laughter, the Phuc Dat Hotel in Vung Tau and a two-headed raincoat. Imagine two super-sexy witchy-ladies dancing.

3 years ago