Exploring Cambodian Cuisine

We had limited time, a three-year-old in our entourage and a burning desire to sample the best Cambodian cuisine available. Of course there was no pressure. Now, there’s no.

3 years ago

Review: Diamond Palace II Hotel In Phnom Penh

Just a short walk from Phnom Penh’s revamped riverfront area is the clean and quiet Diamond Palace II Hotel. We were hosted at this lovely little hotel for a.

3 years ago

Sunrise At Angkor In Our Own Private Temple

Chanting monks provided a suitably exotic soundtrack as we climbed to the top of our own private Angkor temple in the grey pre-dawn light. Sitting between two stone lions,.

3 years ago

Food File: Cambodian Nom Ban Chock

Even though we’d slept in, we were determined to track down the Cambodian breakfast dish of nom ban chock, often called simply Khmer noodles in English. We were working.

3 years ago

Another Win For No Guidebook Travels … In Phnom Penh

Sitting on top of the “fast” boat to Phnom Penh, the wind ruffling my hair, Miss M beside me busily cleaning the deck with our last wet wipe, I.

3 years ago

Food File: Fried Frogs

A flat tyre is as good a reason as any to eat something. So what’s a girl to do when a flat tyre happens somewhere in the wilds of.

3 years ago

Cambodia’s Choeung Ek: Once Brutal, Now Quiet

Behind the trees, unseen children shout and shriek in delight. There’s an occasional thud of a football being kicked. Birds twitter and trill. In the distance, some ancient form.

3 years ago

Food File: Lau Mam (Hotpot With Fermented Fish)

Bumping along in a crowded bus headed for the border town of Chau Doc in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, between the grunts from a piglet in a rice sack, Darling.

4 years ago