Review: Tanei Guesthouse In Siem Reap

Our Cambodia trip was all about the ancient temples of Angkor Wat. I wanted to show Darling Man and Miss M one of the most amazing places I’d ever.

3 years ago

Food File: Moules Et Frites From France

Thrilled as I was to spot some street food in “my” new village of La Gavotte, just outside Marseille, I was less thrilled about the thought of eating streetside.

4 years ago

Merry Christmas From Ho Chi Minh City (And Sorry About Those Emails)

Merry Christmas from HO HO HO Chi Minh City! It’s after 8am here and all four kids in the house are still asleep. Not a peep out of any.

4 years ago

Sponsored Video: The (Dorky But Cool) Unwrap The World Competition

I’ve always had a soft spot for dorks. And they don’t come much dorkier than this video from Tom Tom. It’s so dorky it’s actually hilarious. And even better.

4 years ago

Exploring Cambodian Cuisine

We had limited time, a three-year-old in our entourage and a burning desire to sample the best Cambodian cuisine available. Of course there was no pressure. Now, there’s no.

4 years ago

Review: Diamond Palace II Hotel In Phnom Penh

Just a short walk from Phnom Penh’s revamped riverfront area is the clean and quiet Diamond Palace II Hotel. We were hosted at this lovely little hotel for a.

4 years ago

Sunrise At Angkor In Our Own Private Temple

Chanting monks provided a suitably exotic soundtrack as we climbed to the top of our own private Angkor temple in the grey pre-dawn light. Sitting between two stone lions,.

4 years ago

Food File: Cambodian Nom Ban Chock

Even though we’d slept in, we were determined to track down the Cambodian breakfast dish of nom ban chock, often called simply Khmer noodles in English. We were working.

4 years ago