Our stay in Chiang Mai is, sadly, drawing to a close and I am spending a lot of time researching our next adventure, our crazy budget tour of Europe..

9 years ago

International Street Food Festival: Well-Traveled Food

Sometimes a food is so good, it just can’t be left behind. When Mexicans moved to the US, they packed some fabulous recipes. Now some of those dishes are.

9 years ago

Tour De Provence Training … With A Toddler On The Team

“STOP,” my 12 kilogram passenger shouts. We are approaching a bridge, where the verge I’m riding on disappears and I’ll be forced closer to the motorbikes and pickup trucks.

9 years ago

Home Exchange Heaven

I’m dreaming of Provence. I’m drinking a fresh coconut and watching the sun set over the Andaman Sea as local boys play soccer on the beach and parasails cruise.

10 years ago