Goodbye My Favourite Spy

This afternoon I said goodbye to Spy. I stroked his soft furry Yoda ears and his long shotgun nose like I’ve done so many times before, but there was.

3 years ago

The Pho Burger at Relish & Sons

“It sounds weird to me,” said my Vietnamese phở expert when I first mentioned the concept of a pho burger. With the proper Vietnamese pronunciation, the pho burger sounds.

3 years ago

Tet 2016

Eight years ago a dishy stranger crashed my office Tet party, saving me from the drunken and lecherous advances of my boss. I never expected to see the guy.

3 years ago

Four Meals in Cambodia

Three hours before my alarm was due to go off, I got a text saying the visa rules had changed again and I wouldn’t have to leave Vietnam to.

3 years ago

Food File: Goi Cuon Cha Ca

One of Quy Nhon’s special dishes is bún cá, a noodle soup with fresh bun noodles and various types of fish sausage. Bún cá was on my list of.

3 years ago

A Parenting Holiday in Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon is one of my favourite places in Vietnam, with its lovely long beach and cute Cham towers. Last week it was the scene of a blissful three-day.

3 years ago

Happy New Year From Ho Chi Minh City!

Happy New Year from Ho Chi Minh City

3 years ago

Fodor’s Vietnam Is On Sale!

There were squeals of excitement echoing through our house last week when an advance copy of the Fodor’s Vietnam guidebook was delivered by courier. The book is beautiful, with.

4 years ago