Our Big Worldschooling Adventure

In about four weeks we set off on a bold new adventure to see what the world can teach us. After Miss M completes the equivalent of first grade.

1 year ago

Review: First Aid Kit from Survival Emergency Solutions

Neither of my kids had any blood injuries until about six months ago. Since then there’s been several trips to emergency, always at night or on a Sunday. There’s.

1 year ago

3D Photo Fun at Artinus in Ho Chi Minh City

Miss M’s school was unexpectedly shut for a couple of days this week. Luckily some of the parents organised a trip to a fun new activity centre in Ho.

1 year ago

Adventure Planning and Food

We are negotiating a work-in-exchange-for-accommodation deal in Japan. The owner of a 100-year-old farm house contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in managing the place over summer..

1 year ago

Staying Sane When Traveling With Young Kids

I’m deeply immersed in planning our next travel adventure. I’m looking at farm stays, volunteering at marine research stations, staying with friends and all kinds of amazing international adventures..

1 year ago

The Many Faces of Pho

A steaming bowl of fragrant phở is thought to have almost magical properties, the ability to cure disease, soothe hangovers and restore the body’s balance. Vietnam’s unofficial national dish.

1 year ago

Food Writing Retreat in Cambodia

Food. Writing. Photography. Cambodia. Some of my favourite things in the world, and the makings of a fabulous creative and cultural experience. My mates Lara and Terence at Grandtourismo.

1 year ago

Vietnam: 100 Unusual Travel Tips

I can’t remember the exact moment I fell in love with Vietnam. It could have been on my first night in the country, before the cycling trip with my.

2 years ago