Ta Lai Longhouse at Cat Tien National Park

We have officially found a new bolt-hole when Ho Chi Minh City gets too much. Our new holiday hot spot is just 3.5 hours and a million miles away.

2 years ago

Food File: Bun Thang (AKA Getting It On With Beetle Sperm)

I was a long way down the Google rabbit hole when I first saw it: “essence of giant water beetle”. Mentioned as an ingredient in certain dishes from Vietnam’s.

2 years ago

Cu Chi Tunnels By Public Bus

The Cu Chi Tunnels, a dark and claustrophobic 250km underground network that helped the Viet Cong hide from the Americans during the last war in Vietnam, is a site.

2 years ago

From Baby To Boy In 12 Quick Months

My sweet little baby boy, our surprise second child, is 1. His new crew-cut and walking skills make him seem more boy than baby, as does his emerging personality..

2 years ago

And Then A Shark Ate The Internet

The internet shark struck two days before my guidebook deadline, which had been extended twice because I had completely failed to grasp the enormity of the task I had.

2 years ago

My Baby is Five

Now how did that happen? Five years ago today, the day Shocking won the Melbourne Cup, Miss M arrived. There was a cast of thousands in the delivery room,.

2 years ago

Enjoying The Life

“Enjoying the life” is a Darling Man translation of a Vietnamese expression that I can no longer remember. It’s an expression I use a lot because I love the.

2 years ago

The Con Dao Buffalo Girl

On Vietnam’s beautiful Con Dao Island, a buffalo girl really does go round the outside. At least she does at the Six Senses Con Dao eco-lodge. Three mornings a.

3 years ago