Quick Guide To Central Vietnamese Cuisine

Central Vietnamese cuisine is usually defined by Hue Imperial food and a few popular dishes from the pretty World Heritage-listed town of Hoi An. But there’s so much more.

11 months ago

Food File: Bot Chien (Vietnamese Carrot Cake)

Bot chien (or bột chiên with the appropriate tone markers) is usually translated as “fried flour” but it is more like Singapore’s carrot cake or Southern China’s turnip or.

11 months ago

On The Move … But Not Traveling

We’ve moved! But I can’t think of anything less like traveling than packing up all our household items and transporting them two kilometres down the road. In some ways,.

11 months ago

Food File: Ca Ri Ga (Vietnamese Chicken Curry)

Vietnamese chicken curry (cà ri gà) is amazing for so many reasons apart from just the fabulous taste. As you’ve probably already worked out, I think Vietnamese cuisine the.

12 months ago

Pregnant in Vietnam … Again

I’ve had a few weeks to process this information so I’m probably slightly less surprised than you. But there it is. I’m pregnant. And it seems I was one.

1 year ago

Food File: Bo Kho

Bò kho (Vietnamese beef stew) is a dish that even an avowed anti-beef-ite like me cannot stay away from. The dish is the local version of bœuf bourguignon, or.

1 year ago

Finding Hoi An’s Charm … By Bicycle

Our first night in Hoi An ended with Darling Man and I looking up train and bus timetables, trying to work out the fastest way to get out of.

1 year ago

What The Hell Happened To Hoi An?

I walked through the dark streets of Hoi An, the ancient trading port in central Vietnam, seeking some of the peace I’d found there five years earlier. My head.

1 year ago