The Con Dao Buffalo Girl

On Vietnam’s beautiful Con Dao Island, a buffalo girl really does go round the outside.

At least she does at the Six Senses Con Dao eco-lodge.

Three mornings a week, Khue the buffalo churns up the sand at Dat Doc Beach by dragging a small wooden frame behind her.

Con Dao Six Senses 194

This buffalo-assisted raking is not just a five-star resort-y bid to have neat sand. The churning exposes — and kills — sandfly eggs. It’s a five-star eco-resort-y way to eliminate sandflies without pesticide.

I may or may not have disturbed an English celebrity at breakfast this morning with a gasp of recognition. I have no idea who the beautiful well-spoken woman was, I just happened to be passing her table when I saw a buffalo in front of the breakfast room.

As suave as always, I blurted out “buffalo” in the general direction of the beautiful woman’s table and went outside to meet the stunning four-legged creature who had left me breathless.

Con Dao buffalo

Khue is a working mum, like me. Like me, she has to leave her baby behind to go do her thing. (And unlike me, her figure has snapped back into shape after the birth of her baby a few months ago.)

It was such a pleasure to meet her, the most beautiful Vietnamese water buffalo I’ve ever met. (Just quietly, I have met some incredibly handsome water buffalo in Nepal. But that was many years ago, before I met Darling Man. It was a mere holiday romance because who could resist a Nepalese water buffalo with their rockabilly quiffs?)

And just one more aside: if the Buffalo Gals reference eluded you, you need to watch this tragic music video from my childhood.

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